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Easy Driver App

Lawlor Taxi Driver App in Vehicle


  • Company Managed Driver App designed for drivers
  • Accept Cash and Card using our system
  • Prices Pre-loaded for every journey
  • Full Tracking for your security
  • Easy to use App
  • Set your own schedule
  • Reminders for expiring documents
  • Driver Dashboard (see information below)

Office Team

Team members


  • Trained Office Staff
  • Local knowledge is key for new staff
  • Cordic Dispatch system that Drivers Love
  • Fantastic office vibe and Work Ethics
  • Tracking flights before dispatch
  • Fairness is key
  • Separate Booking, Dispatch, Management & accounting Departments

What you need to get Started

Full Driving Licence at least 3 years old.

National Insurance Number

Vehicle Licence issued by the local Council

Driver Licence/Badge issued by the same council

Bank Details for your payments

Our charges are lower than any other taxi firm in these areas as they operate using council tariff meters and we set our own cost-effective fares.

If you want to start collecting more customers today sign up and get moving.

Driver Dashboard

Our unique Driver Dashboard allows drivers to see their documents and expiry dates easily and gives drivers a 30 days warning for expiry of documents ensuring you never miss a renewal.

The dashboard also shows each driver their own earnings by day/week/month. This can be split into cash or account work covered.

Lawlor Dashboard

You can view your rating set by customers you pick up each day. View pre-bookings that have booked against your unique driver ID.

View weekly statements summaries and pay directly and securely the money you owe to the office for commission.

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